The Ideal Way to Grow Vegetables

As you are getting ready to plant your vegetables there are a few key things to know!

When planting vegetables it is important that you have the right soil, prepare the soil properly, care for the seeds and watch them grow into a very healthy, plump vegetable ready to eat. The ideal soil for planting vegetables is:

Deep Beds

Well Draining

Holds Moisture like a sponge

High Organic Matter

Neutral pH (6 to 7)

Crumbles easily

Before you begin planting you will want to make sure you water the soil deeply. Once the seeds have been planted you will want to water them gently with a soft shower. Keep in mind that warm soil germinates seeds faster and so does warm water.

Be sure to check on the plants daily to assure that the soil is moist, but not swampy. Gently shower the seeds until they have sprouted through the soil, then consider shifting to soaker hoses or a drip - you want to water the roots, not the leaves. Before you know it you will have grown a beautiful, tasty vegetable.
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