Gardening With Your Kids!

Want to know how to grow a great kid? Try putting them in the garden!

For many of us, the first involvement with gardening was placing a bean in a plastic cup with some soil and a little water, and then anxiously waiting for the emergence of the first hint of green leaves to appear. Speaking from personal experience, the accomplishment of growing my first plant was thrilling!

A similar reaction occurs when you introduce kids to Agriscaping. With Agriscaping, kids are given the opportunity to learn first hand how to plan, design, grow, and maintain edible landscapes. From learning the natural food cycles of planting to growing and maintaining plants, to the harvesting and sharing their bounty, gives kids a sense of responsibility while becoming self-sufficient at the same time.

Improved health and nutrition, more exercise, quality time spent with loved ones, and connecting with nature are just a few of the many benefits Agriscaping with kids can offer.

I like to think of gardening as an endeavor that involves the mind, body, and spirit while nurturing all those involved. Agriscaping with kids accomplishes these goals.

Just imagine the fun of foraging while you learn and grow in the garden! Now that’s an idea worth propagating.

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