Getting Rid Of Garden Pests!

There’s likely nothing more frustrating than watching and waiting for your garden treasures to ripen only to find that someone or worse, something got to your harvest first! 

We are talking about getting rid of those nasty garden pests! From Aphids, Squash-bugs, to Ground Squirrels, we are going to get them gone! 

It is time to prepare your garden with a few tips and tricks to keep your garden thriving this summer with less work and more play!  

1. PLANT POSITIVE APPROACH! With Compost tea. Not only does it fortify the plant against the little pests like aphids and whiteflies, but it also improves their flavor and their resilience to the heat! The smell alone can deter the big pests like gophers, rabbits, and squirrels, but may attract the rats...keep the mix to 1oz per gallon to avoid that.  

2. Aphid and White-fly SPRAYS: My first go-to pest control for the bugs is Neem Oil. Apply in the evening every 14 days until the problem is solved. 

3. Bigger Problem? Squash Bugs? Stink Bugs? I use CAPTAIN JACK’s Dead Bug Brew!  This too is a great organic garden product by Bonide with Spinosad, a rum-bacteria derivative that can be sprayed directly on your fruit and gives those nasty bugs the willies and they won’t be coming back.  

4. Even BIGGER Problem? Consider a shop vac… SERIOUSLY! If the problems are so big you can’t control it and you’d still like to avoid cutting the entire plant out and burning it in a Hawaiian volcano, vacuum off the majority of the buggers before treating with any of the previous methods.  

5. CRITTER MAXX mole and ground critter repellant. If you have burrowing pests the only product I have found effective is CRITTER MAX from EZ-Flow. No, it doesn’t kill them, but it does get them to move away from your precious plants! 

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