Watering Wisdom

We would like to share some quick tricks to tap into FREE Water!

The best way to tap into free water right now is by using grey water. Grey water is basically any wastewater generated in the home (except toilets).

Recommended Sources (In order of Ease to re-plumb):

1. AC Condenser Line (10-50 gal per week in Summer)

2. Washing Machine (85-100 gal per person, per week)

3. Shower (70-100 gal per person, per week)

4. Tub (25 gal per kid bath)

5. Bathroom Sink (7-35 gal per person, per week)

6. Reverse-osmosis Water purifier (13-21 gal per person, per week)

Easy ways to start tapping in… TODAY…

Bucket in the shower

Hose from Washer

Hose from condenser line

Opening the clean-out

If you have any other suggestions that you would like to share with us please feel free to post them on our FaceBook Page!

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