Top 4 Flower Gardening Tips

It is BEAUTIFUL in Arizona! Everything is budding with life! So, are you ready to Power-Up your Flowers with these Top 4 Flower Gardening Tips?!

1. SOIL POWER: Phosphate is what powers up plants to BLOOM like crazy! So, if you want abundant flowers you will want to add some phosphate... my favorite organic source is BONE MEAL.

2. GROW SOME BULBS! Spring is a great time to add some bulbs, corms, and blooming tubers like:

a. Iris (not edible, but it does attract pollinators and grows smiles)

b. Lilly (YES, the Day-lily is EDIBLE!!!)

c. Daffodil (awesome companion to Apple Trees)

d. Onions, Chives, SERIOUSLY! (great companions to tomato to deter the nasty horn-worm!)

e. Saffron Crocus (the most expensive herb on the planet!)

3. SEED and START THE DAY with EDIBLE FLOWERS! They make a beautiful addition to the garden and if you plant budding plants now, they will be blooming for you by this Easter Season that you can PICK & EAT or add to a salad! Pansy, Begonia, Marigold (also a great companion plant), etc.

4. WATER-WISE! No-one wants Spring to be a muddy mess! Nor, dead and DRY! Water flowers to 18” deep each time... likely only twice a week through March with good soil.

Now is the perfect time in the Desert Southwest to get planting. Let us know what your favorite flowers are on our Facebook Page and don't forget to post pictures!

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