Top 5 Allergy Kickers You Can Grow at Home

Springtime in Arizona is one of the most BEAUTIFUL times to be outdoors, especially in the garden. It is also allergy season. Here are the Top 5 Allergy Kickers You Can Grow at Home.

Pansy Flowers: They are natural antihistamines. Try the 5 for 30 rule - eat 5 pansy buds, wait 30 minutes & if you still have allergy symptoms then take a pill

Peppermint: Made into a tea, a Steam treatment, or just straight sucked up fresh it's natures original vapor-rub to loosen up your congestion and sooth the overactive sinuses

KALE: Kale - Yeah! in all its varieties, even the Flowering Kale (a healthy, immune-boosting add to any salad, soup, our sauce)

CITRUS: Tis the season! From blood Oranges, grapefruit, to lemons, and more these Vitamin C-packed fruits will help support balance in your body's auto-immune response to whatever triggers your allergic reaction

Chamomile: Recognized the world-over as a natural antihistamine, one or two cups of chamomile tea, sweetened with wild-flower honey (or whatever allergen you are most allergic to). This will boost your antibodies and improve your immunity to them!

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