QUICK TIPS on Garden Layout Design

Many gardeners prefer to grow their garden inside of a raised bed environment. There are some very important things to take into consideration when deciding where and how large your beds will need to be.

Let's take a look at one of the options. When your garden bed is up against a wall or placed where you only have one accessible side of the bed to work on you need to really look at the width. To decide what width you should build the garden bed you will first need to take a look at yourself (or the shortest person in the group that will be working on the garden). Take a look at your arm span, which is normally the same measurement as your height. Cut that measurement in half. That is the deepest you will want to have the garden, this way you can reach everything you are growing in order to maintain and harvest it.

The second option is if you are putting in a free-standing bed. This is a garden bed where you can access the growing produce from two opposite sides. Again, you want to look at your height, or the shortest height of the person in the group working on the garden bed. You won't want to design a bed that is wider than your height. This way you are able to reach the plants all the way to the center on both sides and every single plant can be maintained and harvested when needed.

Following these guidelines will help keep you from trampling on your fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables or whatever you are growing. Happy growing!

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