4 Levels of Frost Protection for Your Garden!

We are Falling into WINTER and it’s starting to get COLD!!! Is your garden ready? Will It survive? 

If your tender plants get nipped by the frost they might never recover! The effects of frost begin at 40 degrees for some plants! 

Here are 4 Levels of frost protection for your garden this winter:

1. Bring it INDOORS! If you have potted plants or anything that you can transplant into potted plants then bring it inside your home. The plants will stay nice and cozy.

2. Water Before a Freeze (+5 degrees) Water is an insulator and when filled in the cells of a plant and in the soil help protect it. 

3. Frost Cloth (+10 Degrees) Cloth-based are best, not plastic. Place on the plant in the afternoon before the cold descends to retain the heat of the day. 

4. Twinkle Lights (+15-20 degrees) Yep, those wonderful lights we put on our houses this time of year make great little heaters… as long as you use the “old” incandescent ones… not LED’s… LED’s put off no heat. 

Combine these tips for increased resistance to the cold. 

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