3 Ways to Make Your Garden Feel More Festive

The holidays are here! We love to celebrate the holidays with our friends, families, and our gardens. We have a few different ways we like to bring the holidays into our elegant edible landscapes. There are many places that might be too cold to garden, but here in the Desert Southwest, we have found a fun and festive way to continue working on our gardens.

1. During the colder seasons and during the holidays we will mostly be planting lettuces. When planting our gardens this time of year we like to match the colors of the season with our plants. Adding in reds and different greens to your garden will help it to feel more festive.

2. Creating a friendship garden during the holidays can help your friends and family members feel more included. When hunting for the perfect plant have a few people in mind and pick the perfect plant that reminds you of them. As you plant it in your garden you can make a little post with their name on it, honoring them. As you tend the plant, if you notice that it looks a little droopy, you can even call them up and check on them, letting them know the plant was a little sad and you just wanted to say “hi”. It makes the people in your life feel special, and it’s a good reason to call them up.

3. Another way we like to dress up the garden is with strings of lights and candy cane posts. We like to use festive lights that are colorful, have snowflakes, or images of Santa on them. Dressing up the walkways to give better lighting for those dark winter nights and the bulbs can even help to keep your plants warm.

You can do one, two or all three of these ideas in your holiday garden. Which ones are you most excited about?

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