Traditional Farms and Landscapes vs Agriscaping

Agriscaping allows you to introduce the production of food in any area of your yard, and lets it look elegant! It may appear to your neighbors as just landscape, but the secret is, it is edible! Utilize your space to be more sustainable instead of having a wasted space right outside your front door.

Let’s take a look at the sustainability aspects of Agriscaping versus the traditional farmer. With traditional farming you can grow by the acre and get about $0.40 per square foot per year, with Agriscaping you grow by the foot with an average of $7.82 per square foot per year. Farmers use flood irrigation, where Agriscaping you can use drip water or even better, gray water, to help conserve water. Plus, with farming they could be delivering your food to you from hundreds of miles away, where with Agriscaping it is literally right out your front door (or even grown indoors)!

Now lets compare a traditional yard versus an Agriscaping yard. On a traditional yard you are spending money to maintain it, using water resources, you purchase your produce and send the waste to a landfill. It is consumptive and eats you. With an Agriscaping yard you earn money if you take your extra produce to farmers markets, you harvest your water and produce. This yard is productive and sustainable and feeds you.

This sets you up with food security in an elegant and productive way. This also brings your community together because as your neighbors see how you are being sustainable and will allow them to be sustainable themselves. Learn more at