Top 5 Additions To Your Personal FARMACY

*By Justin Rohner

This is a GREAT time of year to plant a garden the TASTES as good as it looks!

CAUTION: I live a healthy life, but I am not a health professional… my tips today reflect my own experience and my own growing methods. Please consult your trusted physician or health care provider before making any major shifts in your diet and ONLY eat these awesome plants from trusted sources that grow them in the same way they grow vegetables. When in doubt, don’t eat it! And if you do, focus only on the ones listed on our Edible Flower Guide available for Free at

The top 5 recommended additions to your Personal FARMACY this fall are:

1. Society Garlic: Peppery addition to a great salad or garnish to your favorite meal. It’s actually an African herb used historically to treat some infectious diseases, which is due to the anti-microbial potential of the herb.

2. Thyme: We all need more Thyme right! Beyond the esthetics, which is awesome on the ground, it’s first great for aromatherapy! Carvacrol improves your mood! #2 this one helps ease and even heal sore-throats…. It’s a time-honored natural anti-bacterial and natural remedy for bronchitis.

3. Yerba Mansa: The root dried, ground, and used in a tea this beauty is an ancient and effective remedy for clearing sinuses and supporting the natural immune system. Planted like iris, but grows like strawberries… great additional to moist, even shady spot in the yard!

4. Peppermint: fever reducer, digestive support, soothes irritable bowel syndrome, and has anti-microbial properties to support… makes a great tea and more!

5. Pansy: a FARM-acy favorite that makes a great addition to any salad, sandwich, or cake! And this one has a surprise benefit . . . it also helps support your immune system for all those with allergies because it has natural antihistamines.

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