Helpful Tips for Growing in the Fall

When planting starts you want to make sure you don’t shade them – give them as much sunlight as possible. A key to planting starts is that you want to grow the tallest plants nearest the wall.

For example, you want to plant in the following order, starting up against the wall going outwards:

1. Vines

2. Tall Stuff (4-8 feet)

3. Medium Stuff (1-3 feet)

4. Low Stuff (under 12 inches)

When purchasing plants you will want to make sure they are proven varieties. And remember to rotate!

—Root, fruit, bean, green—

Whatever you are currently growing, use the next category in the above rhyme to decide what you will grow for the next season. If you are growing tomatoes right now and you are still harvesting them, it’s ok, you can start planting your bean seeds right now.

Another helpful tip for growing in the fall is that the lettuces and kales start to sweeten up when the night temperatures start to get down to the 40’s. You might want to wait to plant those.

We hope you enjoy getting out there and planting your fall harvest!

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