Top 3 Upgrades to Your Garden for Fall

With Fall just around the corner we want to share with you three things you can do to upgrade your fall garden. With these additions you can bring a delicious twist of taste and Zen to your elegant edible landscape.

1. Garden Bench
A well-placed garden bench provides a welcomed place to enjoy the best parts of your yard in a new, more intimate way. It also provides a healthy way to layer your garden and create tiny microclimates where beautiful flowers, like pansies, can grow for you nearly year-round. 

2. Herb Garden
To every sweet and savory smell of the holiday we give thanks to a few delectable herbs that grace our meals. Add a few of your favorites in your garden this year! 

3. Topicals! 
Yep, if you’d like a taste of paradise, FALL is the best time to plant your tropical delights from bananas, to mangos plumeria to pineapple, consider adding some tropical plants to an ever-sunny south-side of your property this year!

Go ahead and implement one, two, or all three of these upgrades for your fall garden!

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