The 5 BEST Edible Flowers for Fall Gardens

We all love a little more color in our gardens in the fall and what better way to add some color than to add some edible flowers… that’s right, edible flowers!!!

This is a great time of year to plant a garden the tastes as good as it looks!

CAUTION: Not all flowers are edible and not all flowers are grown to be eaten so BE CAREFUL…only eat from trusted sources that grow them in the same way they grow vegetables. When in doubt, don’t eat it! And if you do, focus only on the ones listed on our Edible Flower Guide available for Free at

OK, here are our 5 Favorite Edible Flowers for Fall and how you can use them!

Dianthus: This s a wonderful peppery addition to a great salad or garnish to your favorite meal
Petunias: Stick with the lighter colors for a smooth, sweet addition to your salads, sandwiches, and side-dishes
Hibiscus: Make a blooming bowl of salad or blend it in with your favorite lemonade or limeade to create a “southwest lemonade”
Viola: Tiny, sweet addition to salads, cold soups, ice-cream topper, cakes and more…
Pansy: a FARM-acy favorite that makes a great addition to any salad, sandwich, or cake! And this one has a surprise benefit… it also helps support your immune system for all those will allergies with some natural antihistamines.

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