3 Options to Grow Elegant Edibles for Sustainability

You can elegantly grow edibles right in your yard. There are multiple options to create sustainability such as raised beds, container gardening, and wall beds to name a few.

1. Raised bed allow you to control the soil so that you can easily grow fruits and vegetables. It also allows you to sit on the ledge and garden or stand to garden so that you aren’t kneeling on the ground. Keep in mind that the higher the bed is the more soil it will take to fill it, which can be expensive.

2. Container gardening allows you to use as little or as much space as you need. You can make them look like traditional container gardens or you can spice it up with a little more flair. You can create your own salsa garden with potted plants that add décor and style to your yard. Container gardening allows you to keep your fruits and vegetables in an easily accessible space and looking pretty.

3. Wall beds and rain gutter gardens are great for small spaces so you can grow your herbs and vegetables right on the wall of your home. It can cover the ugly fences with lush greenery that also provides you with a healthy dinner.

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