Benefits and Methods of the Double-Dug Method

The double-dug method is an ancient technique that is use by many farmers. You are basically digging down one spade and placing it in a wheel barrow. Then you are digging down a second depth and back filling it.

When you are taking the second layer and putting it on top you are refreshing that layer and putting air into it. When you do this you will add in some soil amendments. Ideally you want to have 18″ (two spades deep). This will create a mounded garden area where you performed the double-dug method.

When performing this method, since you haven’t dug up the pathways, they become more compacted. This is beneficial because when it rains the rain will land on the compacted soil and drain off into the tilled beds. Plus another benefit is that having a mounding effect will increase the square footage you can plant.

This is a fabulous kickstarting procedure if you are just starting to plant in a particular area. This method is also a great way to start because it uses the earth to help regulate the temperature so you won’t need as many amendments added to the soil.

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