What if My Bare Root Fruit Tree Doesn’t Go Dormant?

Bare Root Fruit Trees go dormant in the winter months. Because they go dormant, it makes them easy to dig up all the roots so you can easily transplant them. You might find them at a local nursery in a 5 gallon pot or a 15 gallon pot. The bigger the pot, the more of the roots you will have. What happens if you have a bare root fruit tree that doesn’t go dormant in the winter?

If you have a stone fruit tree that doesn’t go dormant, you might want to look for the leaves that are about to go dormant and pick them off. I wouldn’t prune the tree entirely, just leave it alone and do what you can to help it.

If you are having a big party and using and ice chest full of ice for your drinks I would save that ice. Once your party is over, take the ice and dump it around the roots of that tree (or you can just get ice for the tree, but that’s not as fun as having a party – wink wink). Hopefully this will force the tree into dormancy and increase the amount of chill hours (about 40 degrees) the roots are experiencing which in turn will increase production. Not all stone fruits react this way, but most do.

If you live in Arizona and are looking to have a year round fruit orchard that included bare root fruit trees, be sure to check out our guide at https://agriscaping.kartra.com/page/YRFO