Agriscaping Mastery Program - DIY Home Grower

AMP up your garden the Agriscaping way! In this online program, you'll learn Justin Rohner's 3 simple steps to gardening success and the 36 simple skills to create and easily maintain your own elegant, edible masterpiece!

You’ll love this new Gardening Program if:

  • You have dreams or plans to have a more Elegant, Edible Landscape.
  • You’re just starting a garden and don’t know where to start.
  • You’re an experienced gardener and want to expand your design skills as well as productivity.
  • You want to remodel or expand the design and layout of your gardens with edibles and you’d like to make it happen.
  • You want a fresh NEW Edible Landscape for a fraction of the cost of having it contracted out.

Agriscaping Mastery Program Description

As a DIY Home Grower Member, you will find out quickly that this is NOT a passive class of theory. This is a HANDS-ON, apply as you learn, TRUE MASTERY program complete with a personal mastery project, project support teams and reporting. And, if you know Justin, it will certainly be a FUN and fulfilling process.

  • Justin Rohner and his Team of ACEs (Agriscaping Certified Educators) will walk you through the basics from design to installation, maintenance, harvesting and much more.
  • You learn everything from identifying edibles to diagnosing problems, planting, pruning, propagation, composting, harvesting, and more.
  • You will also have access to a personal Agriscaping garden coach in your pocket through your AMP membership anytime, anywhere.

Classes are led by Justin Rohner himself. The learn as you go format gives you the freedom to learn the content on your own time, apply it at will, and have regular live access to the pros for questions and support each and every week through our Facebook Mastery Group.

What's Included?

  • Online access to 7 modules and the Elective Lunchbox with 9 extra modules along with all 36 Agriscaping skills! (A $750 value) Once you purchase the program you will have access to the first module and new ones will be released every week. Once you have been in the membership for four weeks you will gain access to the Elective Lunchbox.
  • Opportunities to ask questions, get coached, or learn from coaching in our private FaceBook group ($225 value) Agriscaping experts will be available to answer any garden questions you might have throughout the program.
  • The HD Guide to Micro-Climates (A $37 value) As the urbanization of humanity continues the size of our landscapes are shrinking and the amount of “full sun” space traditionally required for all edibles is becoming increasingly harder to find. The HD-guide to Microclimates helps break through all the myths of sun exposure requirements and helps each home-owner, designer, and architect organize and design their spaces with more options than ever before, regardless of location on a property.
  • Companion Planting Guide (A $24 value) The healthiest, most easy-to-manage plants have friends, lots of friends. Companion plants are the easiest, most sure-fire way to improve solid quality, resist disease, drive away pests, eliminate weeds, and so much more. We show you what to plant and where so your garden protects itself naturally!
  • Agriscaping Resources (A $149 value) Get access to loads of resources to help you along your journey to create and manage your very own Garden of Eden including downloadable audio, Edible Flower guides, a growing list of bonus lessons, freebies and professional resources and discounts!

What Will You Learn?

  • Intro to Agriscaping and Design
  • Intro to Indoor Agriscaping
  • The Nature of Edibles and The Simple Side of Soil, Sun, & NPK
  • Raised Beds – Container Gardening – Watering
  • Fruit Trees – Berries – Grapes
  • Pest Prevention & Companion Planting
  • Composting Mastery
  • Pruning For Production
  • Seasonal Perks & Procedures
  • Productive Pets & Aquaponics
...and more!

More modules will be added to the Agriscaping Mastery Program each season. Once you become a member, you will be granted access to the first module and a new module each week after that for access for as long as you’d like through our life-long learning program or as a Certified Agriscaping Professional. (SEE MORE ABOUT CERTIFICATION)

APPLICATION of these new skills and knowledge is vital to your success and supported throughout the program with various activities as well as throughout the Capstone portion of the Agriscaping Mastery Program.

Get full access to the Agriscaping Mastery Program today for $450.

Want to be able to lead live classes in your area? Consider becoming an Agriscaping Certified Educator!