Conserve Water Without Killing Plants

How do you conserve your water in the hot summer days without killing your plants? It starts with the soil. It is the best place to store water. You can add gypsum to hard clay and lychee so it can soak in more of the water. You can amend your soil and cover it with mulch. Not only having soil that can hold moisture, but you can use recycled water from your home called graywater.

Keep in mind that your garden bed design helps you to keep water. A smaller raised bed looses water much faster than a wider raised bed. You can also create elephant tracks, also known as a waffle design within your garden. This is when you dig down in your yard and make it look like a waffle with divots so that the water stays in that area.

There are many ways to water you plants in the summer. Here are a few of the options you have:

  1. Irrigation
  2. Drip irrigation
  3. Soak it
  4. Spray it
  5. Greywater

Greywater is any wastewater generated in the house except for toilets and the kitchen sink. Here are some quick tips to tap into that free water in order of ease of re-plumbing:

  1. Air Conditioner condenser line (10-50 gal per week)
  2. Washing machine (85-100 gal per person per week) if you are not using softener or bleach. This is especially good to use on fruit trees
  3. Showers (70-100 gal per person per week)
  4. Tub (25 gal per kid bath)
  5. Bathroom sink (7-35 gal per person per week)
  6. Reverse-osmosis water purifier (13-21 gal per person per week)

If you have an Agriscaping consultation we will help you to understand how much water you produce in your daily routines that you can actually use out in your garden. To get started using greywater today you can use a bucket in the shower to catch the water. You can use a hose from your washer and/or condenser line go out to your garden.

Using these quick tips and amending your soil you should be able to conserve water this summer without letting your plants die. Sign up for a consultation today to learn more at