3 Steps to Prepare for Winter Gardening Success

The cold winter days are coming. There are 3 steps you can do to prepare for those days. When you align with the sun, get your soil right, and warm up the garden with a few techniques you will be able to grow throughout the winter months.

Step 1 is aligning with the sun.

In the winter time in the Northern hemisphere the shadows change and there is not as much full sun to grow in. Placements of plants is important so pay attention to where your shade is, where the sun is, and what plants are best to grow in those areas. Subterranean trampoline gardens are great to grow in during the cold winter months.

Step 2 Get your soil right!

It is important that your soil is deep and well draining. When it gets cold and the water doesn’t drain your roots will rot. Make sure your soil will hold moisture like a sponge and is high in organic matter that is fully composted.

Step 3 Warm up the garden.

a. The best ways to do that is to let the light in. When you are picking trees in your yard you will want to make sure the tree looses it’s leaves in the winter time allowing more sun in.

b. You can also use structures like warming walls (such as block walls), hoop houses, cold frames or greenhouses.

c. Composting can help warm your garden through the bio heat caused from decomposing. Up to 160 degrees can be generated if you have a nice active pile of compost.

d. Raised beds and containers placed where the base will get some direct sun will help keep your plants warm in the winter.

Using microclimates to plan out your garden can be very effective. This will help you to grow all year long. If you are interested in having a microclimate map drawn up of your yard you can schedule a consultation at https://agriscaping.com/professional-landscape-service