With the onslaught of Winter Storms, the trees are finally shedding some leaves and many of us are piling them up! It’s also a signal that it’s SOIL BUILDING TIME here in Arizona!

With the near-regular rains and cool temperatures, Winter is the BEST time to grow some soil and get it ready for SPRING plantings.  

Here are some of the TOP soil-building tips for Arizona. 

1. Layer your Leaves! 

2. Recycle your holiday shipping boxes!

3. Worms rock, but don’t add them…attract them to your garden with organic matter or worm food! 

4. Got Nasty Clay? Add Gypsum. 

5. Top Tea…for your Garden? Create a tea compost for your soil - you can learn how inside of our Agriscaping Mastery Program!

6. The Secret to adding Woodchips and Mulches… if you want it so stick together it’s all about depth.

Try out these awesome tricks to build your soil this winter.

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