Building Your Soil for Your Spring Garden

When working with your soil to prepare for a bountiful harvest in the spring there are a couple of steps to getting it ready. The first is to pick the perfect spot and the second is to amend the soil with enough time to allow it to prep before you start planting.

Step 1: Pick the perfect spot to grow your garden. We suggest using our microclimate technology that is taught inside our Mastery Program. Depending on what you are going to grow where will impact the where your need to prepare your soil for growth.

Step 2: Amend your soil. It should be about 18″ deep, well draining, holds moisture like a sponge, high in organic matter, neutral pH (6 to 7), and it crumbles easily. Some suggestions for spring additions are gypsum, manure, organic crumble (like chicken pellets), or compost.

Organic matter is anything that use to be alive and a worm would enjoy eating. With your organic matter you should no longer be able to tell what it was, for example, you should see a banana peel inside your organic matter.

Compost should be sweet to the smell and unrecognizable material inside of it. Next week we will cover a bit more about composting and how to create the perfect compost.