Bountiful Blackberries Tips

Blackberries are a delicious treat in the summer to help cool you down. There are some wonderful tricks and different methods to growing bountiful blackberries in your elegant edible yard. Dive in to learn how to plant your berries and what to do if a thorned berry sneaks into your thornless berries as they grow.

When planting your blackberries you will want to plant them about three feet apart. Let the canes overlap each other a little bit. If you don’t have a lot of room you can plant them on a trellis. If you do, you can have a run at about 18 inches up from the ground and another run at about five feet up. Take the long canes as they are growing along the ground in the first year and loop them over the trellis so they are working in a spiral. Just keep wrapping them from the back up and over the top. This will help to keep them tighter to the wall so they can easily be picked.

You can also choose to plant them in a T-support bramble with wire across. I wouldn’t go more than three feet up from the ground when using this type of growing method. This support will help the berries to grow upright when they are fruiting instead of drooping down.

It’s true, thornless berries may still produce thorns! If you happen to find a cane with thorns you will want to hunt down the root system that is producing those thorns and rip that entire root stem out. Try to find them early while they are small. If a thorned berry starts growing it could take over all of your thornless berries, so act fast.

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