Six Plants To Help Boost Your Immune System

Recent events have caused many of us to wonder what we can grow at home that will help strengthen our immune system. At Agriscaping, these plants fall into our FARMACY category of plants. And, Spring is a perfect time to plant these plants which often look as good as they taste.

A WORD OF CAUTION: While we’ll provide sources for the information below, we are not health professionals. The tips today reflect his own experience and growing methods. Please consult your trusted physician or health care provider before making any major shifts in your diet. While we don’t recommend you rely solely on plants as a complete healthcare solution, it is believed that these plants can help in the prevention of many illnesses.

Citrus fruits including oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemons and limes are high in vitamin C, which is believed to increase the strength of your immune system and increase your white blood cell production further fighting infections.

Red bell peppers
Red bell peppers may not be the favorite of children, but they contain nearly twice as much vitamin C as citrus. Peppers also help keep your skin and eyes healthy due to the beta carotene (vitamin A) they contain.

Sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps maintain the health of your immune system. It also contains vitamin B6 which helps with overall health and treating of chronic illnesses.

Full of vitamin C and vitamin A, thyme is one of the oldest time-honored natural anti-bacterial and natural remedies for sore throats, bronchitis and the cold. It has many other health benefits. Plus, thyme is a beautiful groundcover and smells great!

Pansy Flowers
The use of pansies in salads has increased in recent years. One reason for this is that they are natural antihistamines that help with allergies and also helps support and strengthen your immune system. And, they are beautiful!

KALE (and other dark leafy greens)
Kale - even Flowering Kale – is full of vitamin E and vitamin A and is an easy immune-boosting addition to salads, soups, smoothies and sauces) Spinach and other dark leafy greens also contain similar health benefits

Gardening outside
Spending outside gardening increases your exposure to vitamin D which benefits your bones and immune system. While you should probably wear sunscreen to protect your skin, sunglasses to protect your eyes and gloves to protect your hands, spending time outside will help you be healthier and stronger against illness.

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