Gardening for the Body, Mind and Spirit

The nature of health and healing is a very personal and emotionally charged topic. Second only to politics and religion. How you respond regarding this topic is key. It has a lot to do with your relationship to your garden. The more love and appreciate you have for your garden the more uplifting you can be about your healing.

“Healing is the application of loving the parts inside that hurt” ~Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D

When you are walking through your garden and you feel a pit in your stomach, you probably need to give that part of your garden more love and attention. The garden can be a source of unconditional love and insight. It is all about your view on your garden. Get excited that you have something to focus your attention on. Keep the sights on what your garden can become and take the needed steps to create it.

Your garden is also a reflection of yourself. When you get frustrated in an area of your garden you need to change your perspective on the garden and most likely yourself. But moving forward and making the changes in your garden can help you work through things in your own life.

The design of your garden is connected to your mind, the food aspect of your garden is connected to your body, and the routine of caring for your garden is connected to your spirit.

Agriscaping is what you get when you bring together the best of productive agriculture with elegance of decorative landscaping. In next week’s blog we will focus on creating a healthy healing garden of your own. Next week we will touch on the 7 Steps to creating a healing garden.