When To Plant Your Bare-Root Fruit Trees

*By Shaun Mayfield

The past couple of weeks we discussed advantages of bare-root fruit trees. You may be asking yourself, "so when do we plant them?"

The best time is during dormancy. Outside of this window the success rate drastically falls. In warmer regions, bare-root trees will go in the ground between late fall to early winter. In the more northerly colder climates, planting typically is in winter or early spring when the ground is not frozen.

The best time to plant is in the late winter to early spring to give the roots a chance to develop prior to the warmer months of summer. If you cannot plant them when they arrive, then ‘healing’ in is an option as stated prior, or you can also store them in a cold garage or shed. You can place wet wood shavings packed around the roots to keep them hydrated.

As you look to plant out your fruit trees this coming year, consider using bare-root trees. You might just be really glad you did!

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