Advantages of Bare-Root Fruit Trees Part 1

*By Shaun Mayfield

‘Wait, you want me to buy a fruit tree after they remove the soil and cut off all the roots?” I hear this often when I am working with clients on their Agriscaping projects. Perhaps you’ve thought or verbalized the same concerns. You’re not alone. However, when we realize the advantages of a bare-root fruit tree over its counterpart, the potted fruit tree, it’s hard to want to buy a regular potted fruit tree (although there are certainly exceptions).

So what is a bare-root fruit tree? Yes, it is just like it sounds. This is a soilless rootless fruit tree. Better explained, these trees start off as normal fruit trees in the ground grown in a nursery for a few years and then dug up while they are dormant. Then their soil is removed and the roots are pruned. Since these trees are processed during their dormancy they are only sold during late fall through early spring. It’s also important to know that only deciduous trees are available as bare roots. This does not include evergreen fruit trees or citruses.

Of course with all things, there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are several. The price is very affordable. They can be 30%-50% cheaper than potted trees. Shipping weight is far less for bare-roots which saves you money and you are not paying for the soil or the labor of potting them, making these the most economical. As well as their price, you can drop ship them by the dozens or more to your porch very easily.

Join us next week when we talk about some more advantages of Bare-Root Fruit Trees

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