4 Awesome Ways to Grow Your Garden Indoors

When it gets crazy hot and windy in the summer growing food outdoors can be tough. However, when you take your growing indoors with soil temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees, the season is always calm and a great place to grow some awesome indoor edibles. You can grow from roots, fruits, beans, and greens!

Let’s look at a few examples:

1. ROOT: Carrots! From babies to traditional bigs, you can easily grow carrots indoors. Whatever length you hope to grow, be sure your pot is at least 3 inches deeper than your desired length of the carrot you want to grow.

2. FRUIT: They can be tricky but fruits from Avocado to Citrus to Tomatoes can all be grown in pots right inside your home! The trick is light and pollinating.

3. BEAN: Sprouting is by-far the easiest way to grow indoor beans. But, with moist soil, light, hand-pollinating, and space to grow, you can grow the full beans as well.

4. GREEN: You can grow greens indoors from Arugula to Basil to Salad Greens. With as little as 4 inches of soil, you can grow basil on your window sill! Basil needs a bit more sun than carrots and they like it warm! Begin with a seed or a start and have year-round basil to enjoy fresh with your meals!

Don’t take our word for it. Get started growing indoors today!

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