AMP Up Your Yard to Work For You!

Have you ever done work in a yard? Over the years, you’ve probably done a lot… you’ve weeded, trimmed, hoed, mowed, raked, and even sprayed…the list could go on and on! So, with ALL that you’ve done for your yard… what’s your yard doing for you?

Now, we know this likely sounds a bit over the top but, the traditional yard has become such a time-consuming, resource-sucking, money-pit, we have a hard time justifying that we can still call it an “asset.”

Sure, we’ve been told a hundred times by well-meaning contractors that “a great landscape improves the value of your home.” But who’s buying it? We are seeing a trend to the contrary with the traditional landscape, and we are not alone. You might have recently experienced something similar to us where someone you know opted OUT of a great home, in a great area simply because the “yard looked like too much work.”

Unfortunately, even if you have the privilege to have a crew of landscaping professionals coming by regularly to care for your property… the only thing they seem to leave behind other than a freshly scalped yard, is a bill for labor and dump fees.

Thankfully, we live in a time where technology and common-sense are beginning to make a comeback in the yard. Today, more and more of us have not only chosen to tear out our unproductive landscape plants and replace them with edible ones that are just as beautiful,  we are growing things that improve our health, we’re growing sustainable self-reliance, we’re growing purpose! And we are starting to see our very own yard’s true potential as more productive assets. We call them “Agriscaping.” It’s more than just edible landscaping… it’s functional art!  Within the Agriscaping community many are beginning to build a local food economy by sharing and selling their excess production! And no, these aren’t your grandma’s weed-magnet row-gardens, these new edible landscapes are high-definition, low-maintenance masterpieces, designed to maximize productivity, prestige, and resources.

Want to learn everything you need to know to have your own beautiful, productive, edible landscape? Get into the Agriscaping Mastery Program today!