5 Secrets to Growing Amazing Tomatoes!

We love this time of year! Especially for the #1 reason, people grow a garden… TOMATOES! So, here are a few secrets to help you grow the BEST-tasting, most prolific fruits you’ve ever grown and avoid all the “fluff” out there that ended up costing a friend of mine $60 per tomato!  

1. SOIL: Want to avoid blossom-end rot? The secret ingredient is calcium! Bone meal is also a good source, but if you need a quick fix, a foliar feed will do. 

2. VARIETY: Know the varieties that work best for each microclimate, I personally focus on indeterminant (vining) varieties such as indigo rose, cherry, pear, and grape.

3. HEALTHY STARTS: Seeds take WAY too long for tomatoes so if you didn’t start them back in November, just get some starts. 6-packs are my favorite. And long stems are OK. 

4. OVER Plant… Use the “Pinch and Bury” trick for massive growth.

5. PRUNING: Yep, pruning a tomato plant helps the plant focus on the production of flowers and fruits rather than leaves. Identify the “suckers” that are best to trim off. 

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