Top 5 Allergy Kickers you can Grow at Home

Allergies are ramping up in our house and all around. We have a few allergy kickers that you can grow right in your own yard. Not only will these help you with your allergies, but they are a fabulous addition to your elegant edible landscaping.

Let's take a look at these 5 Allergy kickers:

1. Pansy Flowers (natural anti-histamine: try the 5 for 30 rule!) 

2. Peppermint: tea, Steam treatment, or fresh, its nature's original vapor-rub. 

3. KALE... Kale - Yeah! in all its varieties: a healthy, immune-boosting add to any smoothie, salad, soup, our sauce.

4. CITRUS: Tis the season! From blood Oranges, grapefruit, to lemons, and more, these Vitamin C-packed fruits will help support balance in your body's auto-immune response to whatever triggers your allergic reaction to (many other varieties shared as well) 

5. Chamomile: world-recognized natural antihistamine, one or two cups of chamomile tea, sweetened with wild-flower honey (or whatever allergen you are most allergic to) Will boost your antibodies and improve your immunity to them!

Which one is your favorite to help boost your immune system and kick out those allergies? Get your yard evaluated for microclimates and where the best place to grow these allergy kickers in your yard at 

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