How Agriscaping Technologies Allows Sustainability

Agriscaping is all about elegant edible landscaping. Growing with elegance has 3 key elements which are Simple, Scalable, and Sustainable. Agriscaping brings together the best of ornamental landscaping with the best of productive agriculture in any location. One of the Agriscaping Technologies that are at the core of these elements is microclimates.

After almost 10 years of studying the microclimate areas Justin Rohner, the founder of Agriscaping, learned that each yard had approximately 24 microclimates and he simplified those by narrowing them down to 6 different microclimates.

Theses 6 different microclimates are:
A zone: Morning Sun, Afternoon Shade
B zone: Full Sun
C zone: Morning Shade, Afternoon Sun
D zone: Winter gets no Sun, Summer gets full Sun (usually North part of the property)
E zone: Filtered light (under a trampoline or full tree or reflected light off a neighbors house)
F zone: Full Shade

C zone is a very warm spot in Arizona. We have found that grapes love to grow there, plus you can start growing tomatoes about a month earlier in this zone.

We suggest starting out with creating a microclimate map of your yard so you can narrow down your 6 zones to allow you to decide what you need to grow in each area of your yard. You can do it yourself by learning how through our Mastery Program, or you can have it done for you through a consultation.