Creating an Outdoor Living Space of Nature’s Beauty & Bounty with Agriscaping

by Farmer Jen Gammons-Mujica

As hummingbirds buzz around my small backyard garden and robins swoop in for a morning drink out of the birdbath -- then rest peacefully in the almond trees -- the backyard of fruit trees, roses, vegetables, and herbs that feeds our family has also become a beautiful habitat for the birds that share my small patch of heaven.

Do you think a large yard is needed to plan an Agriscape?  Not at all.  For many urban dwellers throughout America, a large yard is not possible.  My beautiful Agriscape is 25 feet deep (that’s one running cartwheel for a kid!) and 50 feet from the east to west walls of my backyard.

It begins with a few simple tree and plant choices. When you are looking for a new addition to your yard -- flowers, a tree, a shrub -- plant something that grows food.  I needed trees for a privacy wall.  To get beauty, privacy, and delicious treats to grab and eat from season to season throughout the year, I chose almond, apricot, pomegranate, and a dwarf lemon tree.  Yes, my yard is packed with fruit and nut trees!!  That ugly cinder block wall is invisible behind lovely trees that bring food, beauty, fun for the family, and a healthy habitat for birds and wildlife.

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Happy Gardening!
Farmer Jen

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