Gardening with Elegance - Part 2

by Farmer Jen Gammons-Mujica

What sets Agriscaping apart from landscape design besides offering an all-edible landscape?  Education.  Agriscaping Technologies has certified professional Educators, Designers, Contractors, and Gardeners throughout the United States and internationally who are fueling the Agriscaping movement.  These highly skilled professionals work nationally while offering local expertise to homeowners and commercial property owners who have decided to create a beautiful Agriscape for their home or community.

Agriscaping offers a full curriculum of courses -- virtual and in-person -- called the Agriscaping DIY Mastery Program that teaches the homeowner how to plant and maintain their productive and elegant landscape season after season.  Easy to access webinars, blogs, and classes online and with local ACE’s (Agriscaping Certified Educators) make it simple for anyone to become an expert at Agriscaping.    

The ultimate mission is to improve local food access and sustainability by transforming landscapes into elegant, edible food gardens.   Interested in learning more about Agriscaping’s professional certifications or DIY Mastery program?  Courses are available year-round.  We invite you to visit our website at and become part of the Agriscaping movement!

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