Gardening with Elegance

by Farmer Jen Gammons-Mujica

Agriscaping has created a major shift in landscape design and architecture by looking at residential and commercial landscapes as a source of local food access and sustainability while being a beautiful and elegant landscape.

For generations, professional landscaping has focused on creating outdoor spaces that are beautiful and inviting as an outdoor space for recreation, dining, and leisure.  Agriscaping has added one more element to landscape design -- bountiful and elegantly designed food gardens.   Combining landscape design with edible florals, vegetables, fruits, herbs, citrus, and nut trees allows a landscape to be both beautiful and a local food source.  As the founder and CEO of Agriscaping Technologies, Justin Rohner asks, “What can your yard do for you?”

Agriscaping offers designs that transform a landscape into a beautiful, elegant outdoor space that also feeds the family and homeowner.  Agriscaping moves food out of the traditional box or raised bed garden into the entire landscape.  Agriscaping’s comprehensive services provide plans on how much space is needed to feed the family or homeowner, a “Water Harvesting Assessment” on how to utilize greywater and rainwater sources to conserve water, and a customized microclimate zone map to guide the property owner on what edible plants are best suited for various areas of the landscape.  Yet it doesn't stop there!  

Education is one of the most important aspects of Agriscaping.  Agriscaping truly puts the power over the property back into the hands of the homeowner (instead of a landscaping company).  Agriscaping offers courses on growing food from seed to harvest, planting calendars, online webinars, in-person classes, and all the resources needed to successfully grow food at home.  

Certified professionals are available to help homeowners learn how to manage their Agriscape or maintain it for them when needed.  

  Most importantly Agriscaping offers a new solution to local food sustainability.  Local food is available as close as possible to home -- right in the back, front and side yards.  Many Agriscaping families sell their food weekly to cover the costs of maintaining their Agriscape, and even better make a profit while helping feed their neighbors!

Stay tuned for Part 2 as we discover how Agriscaping has expanded nationally with certified Agriscaping professionals working throughout the United States.

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