9 Summer Growers for Your Garden

With Agriscaping Technology you are able to grow almost anything year round. However, we have compiled a list about 9 of our favorite summer growers with some helpful tips about each one. Diving into the summer season with these different plants will help you have a lush harvest and a super tasty summer.

Some of our favorite things to plant for the summer are:

Elephant Head Amaranth can grow to be as tall as sunflowers and you can actually eat the leaves as well as the flowers. Use the leaves as a summer green instead of a winter kale. You can plant these the way you would plant corn or sunflowers. You can give them about 2 foot spacing on those plants.

Love-lies bleeding Amaranth is best if you plant multiple stocks of them. Take a four foot width area to plant three rows about 12-18 inches apart. They will get a little floppy at the beginning so you will want to flop the outside ones to the outside and the inside ones over those to get a beautiful hedge that will grow to about 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide all the way across.

Basil can grow in the summer time. If you are in a hot area you want to grow a smaller basil. If you live in a cooler climate you can grow more lettuce type basils.

Black-eyed pea has seeds that are native to every state so be sure to check for seeds in your state to grow them properly where you live.

Jicama grows best if you plant multiple of these in clusters and allow them to grow out or let them vine up on a trellis. They like the ambient humidity’s and they harden when it is dry. It is best to plant them during a rainy season (spring) going into a warm season (summer), otherwise you might get root rot.

Cucumber (Armenian) loves growing in the heat. Eat these when they are small (no larger than 12 inches) if you want them to be more like a cucumber. Otherwise they will grow bigger (up to 6 feet long) and you can eat them more like a melon. The larger they get the harder and more of a rind they will get. These like to hide from you. We like to grow them on an angled trellis that is facing the setting sun.

Sweet Potato Slips will grow when the temperature are about 90 degrees. We recommend organic sourcing so it doesn’t have any residue from other things you don’t the sources of. If you have a sweet potato with leaves growing out of it, those are the ones you would want to cut out and plant. If you have lower than 90 degrees you can get away with cutting the potatoes and let them heal at least two days and then plant those. It may take a bit longer, but it will work for you.

Okra will grow in the summer, especially if it is the red variety, they will last longer in the summer months.

Malabar Spinach vine has a more succulent type of texture. If uses, less like a spinach, but more like a taco shell. It has a nice crunch to it and is our favorite vegan taco shell on the planet. It holds its shape, doesn’t get soggy no matter what you put in it, it won’t crack, and we like the flavor of it.

If you want to learn about different things we like to grow in each of the season you will want to join our Agriscaping Mastery Program to learn all about these helpful tips and so much more to grow your own elegant edible landscape.

Photo: https://pixabay.com/photos/amaranthus-amaranth-hanging-red-3207825/