7 Ways to Grow Indoors

There are multiple ways you can grow indoors. We are going to touch on a few different ways you can grow your seeds and starts. From pots to window boxes to peat moss. When growing indoors you might be growing the plant from start to finish, or maybe you are just growing the seeds to transplant once they are started to flourish. Either way, you have many different options when it comes to growing indoors. Let’s take a look.

Pots. Place shelving or old ladders with your potted plants. You can use similar terracotta pots or a mix of colors and sizes for a more fun and whimsical look. You are creating a work of art with your plants. Make sure the plant does get sun. It’s also a good idea to double pot your plants so you can easily water them and care for them and insulate them.

Indoor window boxes can be used in multiple ways. You can grow directly in the box or you can have multiple little pots or mason jars growing your herbs or other plants and place those right inside the box to appear as one cohesive window box.

Window sill starters will hold the 4″ starter pots to help you grow your starts before you transplant them to your garden.

Window farming. This uses hydroponics to grow plants vertically on your window with a watering system.

Table Top Units. This is a self contained unit that can keep your plant watered, lit, and cared for right on your counter or table top. An couple examples are an Aerogarden system or a Prepara system.

Wall Gardens. Flower Street Urban Gardens are who we use for wall gardens. These can be used indoors or outdoors for an elegant way to grow your herbs and vegetables.

Jiffy peat moss system for starts. You’ll soak these in water, add to the trays, put your seeds inside the peat moss and watch them grow. You can then transfer them to your pots or outdoor garden.

Don’t forget to label and date your plants! It is helpful to know what you are growing and when you planted them. To learn more about growing indoors join the Agriscaping Mastery Program and become a DIY pro!