7 Benefits of Gardening

The health benefits of gardening has been researched immensely. It has been found that gardening has multiple benefits to your health. Health is very personal and emotionally charged. It can be polarizing when discussing health. Agriscaping is not a health care provider or doctor. We can speak to what we have learned and what we have experienced. Let’s take a look at 7 major benefits to growing your own health in your garden.

  1. It fights disease. It boosts your immune system, helps your liver health, reduces your risk to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, gives you vitamin D through sunlight.
  2. Exercise. Gardening helps to give you strength, helps you sleep, burns calories to control your weight, strengthens your heart, and more.
  3. Protects your brain. It improved cognitive function, mental clarity, memory, learning ability, focus, decreases your risk for dementia, and more.
  4. Boosts mood and calms stress. When engaged in gardening your anxiety drops. It relieves muscular tension and pain. It helps people to become less depressed. It has also been known that when you inhale healthy bacteria that lives in the soil can increase you levels of serotonin and reduce levels of anxiety.
  5. Improves your diet. You grow your own chemical free, nutrient rich foods that you digest. There are many varieties of food you can grow. It has been said to eat the rainbow so you can get the variety of nutrients that each of those colored fruits and vegetables provides.
  6. Time in nature. This allows you to breathe deeper, improves digestion, increased oxygen levels in the blood, reduces heart rate and tension, reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  7. Social connection. There is an amazing opportunity to connect with your family and friends and the large gardening community, like the Agriscaping community.

If you are ready to get started you can jump right into the Agriscaping Mastery Program (AMP) to learn how to create an elegant edible environment in your yard.