3 Favorite Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are a timeless culinary delight. Flowers are a beautiful addition to many gourmet meals and beverages. Warning! Do not eat any flowers that have been sprayed with pesticide, or that have come from florists, garden centers, roadsides, or other locations where you cannot verify what chemicals they may have been treated with. Although many flowers are edible, many others are poisonous. Stick to known edible flower lists (you can find our list inside of the Agriscaping Membership). Try introducing them into your diet slowly to gauge any allergies. Be sure to shake and wash to dislodge any hiding bugs.

We like to add flowers to salads, stir fry, drinks and sandwiches. Not only do they bring a fabulous flavor, but they bring a unique beautiful esthetic and maybe even scent to your meal.

The artichoke is a beautiful flower that has been used in many meals you may have had. Once the artichoke has flowered you can still use it while it’s purple, before it turns gray. We like to take the plant and cut it in half long ways, carve out the choke part, then pack it full of garlic cloves and extra virgin olive oil. Lay it face down on the tray and place it in the oven and let it roast in the oven. Then mash it all together for a wonderful warm artichoke dip.

Another favorite edible flower is the pansy. This flower is full of vitamins and antihistamines. If your allergies are starting to act up, we like to go out and eat about 5 pansies (more if they are violas) and wait a half an hour. If our symptoms subside by then, we know we don’t need to take any allergy medicine.

Sunflowers are a great one to use. You can eat the sunflower seeds, but also the petals give a sunflower-like flavor to a salad. This is great flower to grow as a microgreen. Adding microgreens to your food is beneficial to your health.

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