Agriscaping improves local food access and sustainability by transforming landscapes into elegant, edible food gardens easily managed with the help of our innovative online tools and training as well as our growing network of Certified Landscaping Professionals and Educators.

What does Agriscaping mean?

Agriscaping is what you get when you bring together the best of ornamental landscaping and the best of productive agriculture.

Agri-Scape: (noun, verb)

noun: meaning a landscape that creatively and elegantly integrates elements of productive agriculture either by means of growing produce (edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs) or or other useful plants to reduce useless consumption, landfill waste, and water usage.

verb: the act of creating elegant, productive, and sustainable landscapes for the betterment of health and humanity.

Agriscaping has growing relevance and meaning to people in different ways around the globe, but none as comprehensive as what is being practiced and taught by Justin Rohner, Clark Richardson, and the Agriscaping Technologies Team based in the arid deserts of Arizona.

The Agriscapers Mission

Our mission is to inspire, create, and maintain living masterpieces that nourish the mind, body, and soul. We are in the business of Elegant, Edible Landscaping. Through each of our services we strive to educate, inspire, and befriend our communities with elegant and productive ways that ignite the growing participation of all concerned.

Where Agriscaping Began…

Watch the the 2010 transformation of Justin’s sun-scorched traditional landscape in the deserts of Arizona, into an elegant, edible oasis… this is what started it all…



The Agriscaping Team


Justin Rohner, Founder of Agriscaping Technologies, has been helping people around the world grow their own healthy, fresh foods at home for more than 25 years. He is a passionate educator, artist, and entrepreneur with an engineering mind who only recently started sharing his sustainable gardening secrets with the world.

His professional enthusiasm centers around improving Self-reliance, Sustainable Food, and Family, and was recently named one of Arizona’s Top 35 Entrepreneurs under 35 by The Republic and AZCentral.com for his work improving local food access & sustainability through Agriscaping.com.

Justin began his career in landscaping at the ripe age of 9, working summers and weekends at a small 9-hole, executive golf-course in Mesa, Arizona. He earned his BA from Arizona State University and Masters from the University of Santa Monica.

Justin lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wife Britney, 4 kids, 14 chickens, 24 quail, 3 to 12 rabbits, 64 fish, 1 miraculous crab, and a beautiful landscape full of food.

CLARK RICHARDSON Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Clark Richardson, Co-Founder of Agriscaping Technologies, has had an entrepreneurial mindset from the beginning. His experiences since middle school  have allowed his dream of creating businesses which cater to new ideas become a reality. A can-do will-do attitude and an abundance of positivity allows Clark to stimulate growth and success and foster sustainability in the budding business.

His grandpa, a former head of University of Arizona’s agriculture department, made sure to bestow his grandson with a love and knowledge of gardening starting at a tender age. Applying his grandpa’s wisdom, Clark has built multiple companies and consulted for others in Arizona, Utah and California.

With a knack at helping customers visualize their needs and become more sustainable, Agriscaping became a natural venture.  Clark’s experience in customer relations, marketing, sales, management, networking, and sustainability has been at the forefront of his practice. He currently resides with his wife Kate and their veggie-loving son, Calvin in Mesa, Arizona.