With Winter Storms here and there, the trees are finally shedding some leaves and many of us are PILING them up! It’s also a signal that it’s SOIL BUILDING TIME! With the near-regular rains and cool temperatures, The rainy fall and winter seasons are the BEST time to grow some soil and get it ready… Read More

Citrus Time!!!


Let’s talk about CITRUS! That wonderful family of mostly-winter fruits from the garden. These wonderful evergreen marvels are a great addition to any garden. They are great additions around pools, patios, and parking structures as they work well in-ground or in pots, stay green year-round and don’t drop a mess of leaves, AND, they supply… Read More

Year-Round Fruit Calendar for the Desert Southwest


7 Garden Fresh Cold Kickers!


People say we ‘catch’ a cold, right? It’s a virus, or more accurately, it’s a plethora of 100’s of viruses that are so numerous there is no vaccine that can beat them. In short, it’s not something we ‘cure’. It’s an illness we have to fight with our own immune system and that can take… Read More

4 Levels of FROST PROTECTION for a Beautiful Winter Garden


  With what seemed to arrive with a quick flip of a switch, the COLD is HERE and the garden is cringing! Now, before you go out with arms full of sheets and blankets that might make your garden look more like a tornado just ran through a swap meet near by, let’s look at some ways to… Read More

FREE HANDS ON LEARNING: Converting Native Soils into Thriving Gardens


Let’s come together in the GARDEN! This class is all about how to convert our native soil into elegant in-ground garden beds that align with rainwater catchment, existing drip, as well as daily-use grey-water to grow elegant edibles that are beyond fresh. 🙂 This combination “double-dug” and huggel-culture (mounding) method was developed right here in… Read More

FREE HANDS ON Learning: Elegant Raised Beds w/Wicking Integration

Agriscaping Scottsdale_Elegant Trellis01

This class is all about how to create elegant raised beds that even go a bit beyond traditional beds as these also integrate rainwater harvesting right into the base. This “wicking” method also works great for irrigated lots as well as for grey-water integration. These beds will also be fitted with a supplemental “water blanket”… Read More

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