Agriscaping Edible Garden Tour – March 25th 2017

Fresh organic vegetables and fruits on wood table in the garden

The Spring 2017 Edible Garden Tour is here! Where: 4327 E. Cloudburst Ct. Gilbert, AZ 85297 There will be two tours, one at 10 a.m. and one at 2:30 p.m. The tours run approximately 90 minutes, feel free to attend whichever one works best for you. PLEASE PARK on Cozy Way. Join the Fun and… Read More

Free LIVE Webinar: Intro to Elegant Edible Landscaping


Simply put, Agriscaping is what you get when you bring together the elegance and grandeur of ornamental landscaping with the best of productive agriculture. It’s a landscape that produces more than just good looks and land-fill waste—in-fact, a fully integrated Agriscape never needs a trip to the dump. A fully integrated Agriscape converts onsite “waste”… Read More

Free Gardening Class with Adam Marley


Are you near the Red Bluff area? Want to start getting your hands dirty in the soil but aren’t sure where to start? Join Agriscaping Certified Expert Adam Marley for a free how-to session. If you RSVP you’ll even get free seeds!

OK Yard, It’s Payback Time!


Have you ever done work in a yard? Over the years, you’ve probably done a lot… you’ve weeded, trimmed, hoed, mowed, raked, and even sprayed…the list could go on and on! So, with ALL that you’ve done for your yard… what’s your yard doing for you? Now, I know this likely sounds a bit over… Read More

Gardening by the FOOT!

Justin caught up with Catherine Anaya at AZTV to talk about square foot gardening, layering your edibles and companion plants!

Elegant Farming by the FOOT!

LIVE ONLINE: 3 Simple Steps to Gardening Success


Winter Watering Tips

Winter weather can be downright crazy.  Justin talks about how deep to water, how long to water and what kinds of tools can help you measure watering depth for just about any kind of plant!

HANDS-ON Learning in Arizona: Fruit Tree Planting Workshop

HANDS ON Learning: Free Fruit Tree Planting Workshop (BARE ROOT) Saturday, Jan 28, 2017, 9:00 AM Location details are available to members only. 18 Agriscapers Went This class is all about Planting BARE-ROOT Fruit Trees in Arizona!Prepping the Trees,Digging the Hole,Pruning for production,Amending the soil (clay can kill your new tree! Know what to do!)Setting… Read More

7 Steps to Homestead Planning


Join Us!   7 Steps to Homestead Planning (on any-sized property) We want you to have the homestead of your dreams, but we don’t want that dream to be a nightmare! Join us to learn how to align it all in a beautiful, simple, easy-to-manage way.    Justin Rohner and Adam Marley Wednesday, February 1st at 6:00pm… Read More