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Top 3 Summer Gardening Secrets

May 10, 2018

OK, it’s HEATING UP! Time to get your garden prepared with the top 3 summer gardening secrets for less work and more play including the secrets of MULCH, how there’s more to mulch than meets the eye, identifying Micro-climates in your garden and how to use them to your advantage, and the two best ways to create SHADE!

7 Steps to a Small Space Salsa Garden

April 26, 2018

Check out last week's Green Thumb Thursday with Justin Rohner and AZTV's Danielle Williams as they discussed the 7 steps to make your own small space salsa garden!

5 Spring Gardening
Tips and Tricks

Arpil 12, 2018

Justin Rohner shows you how to eat your yard on another Green-thumb Thursday with Daniel Williams on AZTV

5 Secrets for Growing Tomato

March 29, 2018

Watch Justin Rohner, CEO of Agriscaping Technology and AZTV's Danielle Williams as they discuss the secrets of growing tomatoes.

3 Simple Steps to Spring Gardening Success

March 15, 2018

Justin Rohner, CEO of Agriscaping Technologies on AZTV as he talks about 3 Steps to Spring Gardening Success!

Spring Flowers

March 1, 2018

CEO of Agriscaping Technologies Justin Rohner and AZTV's Danielle Williams as they discuss all about spring flowers. Justin gave tips and tricks about growing these beautiful flowers this spring time.

7 Sweet Secrets to a Spring Garden

February 1, 2018

Join Justin and AZTV's Danielle Williams as they discuss Justin's top 7 tips for your preparations of a Spring Garden.

AZTV visits Agriscaping HQ's Trampoline Gardens

January 4, 2018

Join AZ TV's Daily Mix crew as they enjoy the beauty of Agriscaping HQ! Including a trip inside a garden UNDER a trampoline!

All About Melons

June 1, 2017

Justin talks with AZTV's Danielle Williams about how to tell when a melon is ripe, the most popular ones in America and even some unusual ones you should add to your garden!

Play Off Plant Off

Justin leads Team ASU in the college football tree planting competition.


It's Business Time With Michael Weinstein

CEO Justin Rohner brought Agriscaping Technologies to "It's Business Time" w/ Michael Weinstein on KTAR 92.3 Saturday, May 2, 2015.

Part 1   Part 2

Phoenix Business Journal

Entrepreneur: Gilbert company aims for ‘elegant’ edible landscaping

Lawn and Landscape April 2017

Lawn & Landscape Magazine

Growing An Idea

When strict HOA restrictions kept Justin Rohner from having a vegetable garden, he created an entire new landscaping service. Full article here.

USA Today

Agriscaping Technologies: elegant, edible beauty