Agriscaping Podcast

Agriscaping Podcast #5 - Jacq Davis from Epic Yard Farm


Date: July 26, 2017

Guest: Jacq Davis, Founder of Epic Yard Farm

Jacq Davis is originally from Taiwan, her passion for edible food forest gardening was triggered by the day her husband and her needed to decide whether to purchase a lawn mower for their new home in Tempe, Arizona back in summer of 2013. They have decided to not waste water and resources on a grass lawn, and opted for a deep learning curve on edible gardening. They named their urban backyard and front yard garden, Epic Yard Farm. Jacq host seasonal garden tours to inspire others to grow edibles – anything from the regular lettuces and tomatoes to more exotic tropicals edibles from back home like banana, passionfruit and guava. By implementing principles from permaculture, polyculture and natural gardening methods, Jacq manages to garden with very minimal input besides providing water and mulch for the plants to thrive in the low desert of Arizona. Jacq runs her graphic design business from home and enjoys taking breaks in her garden throughout the day to relax and decompress. Follow Jacq on her Facebook page!

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Jacq Davis