Agriscaping Podcast

Agriscaping Podcast #11 - Nick Klein


Date: November 3, 2017

Guest: Nick Klein

Raised in the backwoods of Wisconsin, taught the ways of proper farming, Nick Klein has animal husbandry in his blood. After moving into his first house in a subdivision, Nick started a small rabbitry with the hopes of feeding his family. It wasn't until his job was threatened and his boss literally told him he was being replaced, that Nick decided to step up his game, take rabbits to the next level, and teach others to do the same. The back yard production was increased to 1250 pounds of rabbit a month. The added volume lead to much needed innovations in cage building, waste management and animal care... innovations he now passes on to his students and customers.

Whether you, like Nick, are ready to raise your own livestock so that you know the whole process is humane, or if you are not ever interested in putting a rabbit meat in your mouth, come learn about how rabbits can benefit the entire ecosystem of your backyard!

Visit Nick's website and learn all about his revolutionary idea "Hare-o-ponics". Click Here!

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