Agriscaping Podcast

Agriscaping Podcast #10 - Rosa Ferdowsmakan


Date: October 9, 2017

Guest: Roza Ferdowsmakan

Roza emigrated from Iran in 1978, around the time of the Islamic Revolution. Her family initially came to visit her uncle, who was working on his post-doctorate in agriculture in Logan, Utah. Events in Iran resulted in the family’s inability to return to home.

Amid the turmoil that left Roza and her mother stranded in a small town in Utah, Roza’s uncle quickly found work for them on the farm. Roza’s first job ever was to be picking produce. She remembers tasting fresh quiche for the first time at a dinner party on the farm and began to understand how food could be a communal experience. “It was a lesson in mindfulness,” she explains of that first taste. This experience would, decades later, help inspire her current focus.

Roza recounts how, approximately a year and a half ago, she was looking for a new experience in the tech world. She wanted to blend technology and the culinary arts to create something fresh. Her goal was twofold: to create an app that would revolutionize how we experience food, and to create a community space to encourage true grassroots experiences.

Bites is an app that aims to merge the cultural with the culinary. The idea came from a time in Roza’s life when she had very little time to do anything. “I wanted adventure. I wanted to go do something, but it was a little complicated at the time. I was craving an escape, but I didn’t have the ability to get away.” Food, she explains, is one way for us to tap into the adventure of other cultures.

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