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What’s included in your Home Consultation:David Rockwell iPAD 1.33_Micro-Climate Zone Map

  • Custom Micro-Climate Zone map of your yard identifying your prime growing locations
  • Custom Edible Zone Chart highlighting some of your favorite edibles and where they will produce best in YOUR yard.
  • Dream Landscape Discussion including a quick sketch of how you might David Rockwell iPAD 1.33_ROUGH IDEA SKETCHinclude your dream elements into your landscape in an elegant and resourceful way.
  • How much space you’ll need to dedicate to edibles to feed your family
  • What the true productivity potential of your yard is and how many
    Sample iPAD Consult


    mouths you could feed

  • Water-Harvesting Assessment including productive potentials of your greywater and rainwater resources and a discussion on how to easily tap into each.
  • And… a discussion on how we can further assist you to create and maintain the landscape of your dreams… but only if you would like.

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